#MeToo // Why Are You So Surprised??

I am so glad that the #metoo movement has been so cathartic for so many people, and I admire the bravery of all those who have felt able to come forward and disclose their experiences of abuse and/or harassment; equally, let us not forget about those who have not felt able, and those who are just so dang tired of having to rehash and relive their experiences that they chose not to, and those who just want to distance themselves from it as much as they can and exclude it from their identities. It has reaffirmed what we already knew: this is a reality for pretty much all women.

There’s something that still troubles me, though, about the response to this movement; the reaction of men*. Obviously there has been the usual backlash of idiots mocking the movement by trying to join in, but those aren’t the ones I am talking about.


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On Permanence

Post written by Taylor Wear, returning guest writer at Boshemia. Taylor’s voice is a fierce, bright light for women, survivors, and those who have been kept silent.

(trigger warning: rape/sexual assault)

In the very early morning hours of January 18, 2015, then-19 year old Brock Turner, a rapist, dragged an intoxicated, fully unconscious female behind a frat house dumpster and sexually assaulted her. Two young male graduate students riding their bikes that night came across Turner, the rapist, and immediately noticed something was wrong. As one of them later recounted, the female was not moving at all and Turner, the rapist on top of her, seemed to be moving a lot. After the two young men caught his attention, Turner – the rapist – ran, and the two young men chased after him, eventually overcoming the rapist and tackling him to the ground. One called the authorities; the other held the rapist there until they arrived. The rapist was tried and convicted in March of this year and was ultimately sentenced a few weeks ago. The rapist was given six months. The rapist is expected to serve three.

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