Pepsi Lives Matter || The Revolution Will Be Sponsored

You know the old saying that the revolution will be televised? Apparently there’ll be commercial breaks featuring misguided Pepsi adverts. And oh boy is this one a corker.


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Artist Spotlight || Gabriela Reis

IMG_9676.JPGAs an extension of our Women to Watch series, Boshemia introduces Gabriela Reis, a feminist artist, writer, and musician based in Shepherdstown, W.V. Her politically-charged body of work challenges internalized racism and Western standards of beauty while amplifying representation of minority women. She works in ink, acrylics, and coffee. You can find more of Gabi’s work in IG @femart_indigo. Continue reading “Artist Spotlight || Gabriela Reis”

Being a Nasty Woman in a Nasty World

Last night, in my liberal complacency, I wrote a premature post congratulating Hillary Rodham Clinton for being the first woman president of the United States. I was so sure, the polls were sure, Saturday Night Live was sure; there was no way in hell this competent, qualified, hardworking public servant would lose to a brash bully who’s become the laughing stock of the world, and who’s never actually worked in politics before.

Egg on my face.

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Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions || From the Archives of the Second Wave

It was by complete chance that I found this book.

Among my many trades, I work at a bookshop, a very old bookshop, in a sleepy town in rural America. Since I’ve moved to the city this spring, I’m only spending a few days here and there working at the shop, and so my time lingering among the stacks is precious to me— I often dally a while after hours to skim the books I’ve missed. This Sunday past, I was shelving some used books upstairs when I glanced over to the little section tagged “women’s issues.” These two shelves include mostly dated books about reproductive health, remaindered copies of once-bestselling memoirs, and a handful of timeless gems, like Second Spring and The Feminine Mystique. At random I pulled a title, Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, and after turning it over, I recognized the author, Gloria Steinem.


Isn’t she famous? A famous feminist? 

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