Notes on Regaining Autonomy II // Loss and Loneliness

Boshemia staff Elisha writes from her very core in the second installment of “Notes on Regaining Autonomy“.


The passing of time is a strange and powerful entity.

The proverbial saying is that time heals all wounds.

But what time masterfully produces in equal part,

Is the culling of experiences:

A “collected works” comprised of joy, struggle, learning, love, and loss.


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A Letter To My Fresher Self

Dear Me

Congrats! Your 24 year old self just graduated medical school and is about to start work. As a doctor. A real one in a hospital and everything. You’ll make it. Pretty soon, you’ll figure out that it’s just beginning, and that there’s a whole minefield of a world outside medical school, but that’s future us problem.

If I recall correctly, little baby 19-year-old Sarah in her lame band t shirts and lack of lipstick (that’ll change SOON) was spending the summer of 2012 panicking; what if you don’t get the grades to get into med school *again? What if you get in and immediately flunk out? You’ll read a blog called “The Secrets of Peninsula,” and freak the fuck out – what kind of medical school makes first years sit 5th year exams four times a year?


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Finding Comfort In the Unknown || New Steps

Kelsey Stoneberger returns to Boshemia in her guest post, “Finding Comfort in the Unknown.” She writes on the experience of the unknown after finishing university and joining the world at large. Kelsey is a writer, poet and wandering soul.

One of my best friends recently told me—or more so insisted with no refrain—that I need to stop wasting my time not being present because I am controlling too much of the unknown. Apparently, you can’t control the unknown, who knew?

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De-sexualising Female Nudity in Reykjavik

     On my recent trip to Iceland’s capital city I was unexpectedly confronted with a room full of naked females. No, I was not in a strip club and I hadn’t walked into the wrong place by accident. This was in the shower and locker room at Nauthólsvík, a geothermal beach located a couple of miles outside Reykjavik’s city centre, and I later learned that it was perfectly standard practice.


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Notes from the Closet

Guest article by Erin Ammon. Erin is first and foremost a romantic, often found swooning in parks, saving bugs, browsing art galleries after hours, and engaging in intellectual banter over milkshakes.

I’ve spent most of my life hiding, wearing a smile, and reasoning with myself. “Maybe you’re just not doing it right,” I would say. I tried every form of self-delusion in order to convince myself that there was something wrong with me the way I naturally existed, and that if I tried hard enough, I could weave my way through the world half-fulfilled, embroiled in a lie. Every day for at least a decade, I’ve had the same circular conversation with myself. Every time, I come to the same truth and back away, telling myself “Try a little harder. This is just how it is.”

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On Being Proud || A Response to the Pulse Nightclub Massacre

This guest article was written by Alex Nolan, an aspiring playwright based in the North East of England. He specialises in low-key sass, a love of cats, and unapologetically writing gay love into each of his plays.

‘They’re never going to stop killing us, are they?’ Thin, strangled words that crawled out of my throat when I read news of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Trembling spread outward from the core, as I drew my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs.

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On Permanence

Post written by Taylor Wear, returning guest writer at Boshemia. Taylor’s voice is a fierce, bright light for women, survivors, and those who have been kept silent.

(trigger warning: rape/sexual assault)

In the very early morning hours of January 18, 2015, then-19 year old Brock Turner, a rapist, dragged an intoxicated, fully unconscious female behind a frat house dumpster and sexually assaulted her. Two young male graduate students riding their bikes that night came across Turner, the rapist, and immediately noticed something was wrong. As one of them later recounted, the female was not moving at all and Turner, the rapist on top of her, seemed to be moving a lot. After the two young men caught his attention, Turner – the rapist – ran, and the two young men chased after him, eventually overcoming the rapist and tackling him to the ground. One called the authorities; the other held the rapist there until they arrived. The rapist was tried and convicted in March of this year and was ultimately sentenced a few weeks ago. The rapist was given six months. The rapist is expected to serve three.

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