Election Fever is Contagious and Terminal // Musings on the UK General Election

We’re officially in June, and even though we’ve been busy with Boshemia magazine (available soon online and at select retailers), it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room.

I’ve started using new hair products, and nobody has noticed my impeccable curl.

JK we’re going to talk about the election. I’d rather talk about my hair too. Here we go.

Honestly I’ve been putting off election talk because it’s always so exhausting! We’ve just had to deal with the disappointment of Brexit, only for our collective eyes to turn to the State’s shocking election fuck ups. The recent French results were a relief, but good god I’m tired! But no, we’re back at it. The busses are at full swing, we’re getting campaign letters through the mail and every single UK reader of this blog (and every blog) has registered to vote. Right? Right?


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Pepsi Lives Matter || The Revolution Will Be Sponsored

You know the old saying that the revolution will be televised? Apparently there’ll be commercial breaks featuring misguided Pepsi adverts. And oh boy is this one a corker.


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Introducing || Raising a Feminist.

Boshemia are proud to present a new periodical series titled “Raising a Feminist”, from regular guest writer and US Boshemia babe Elisha. We’ll hand over and let her introduce herself and her gorgeous daughter.



When I first started on my path of motherhood I was clueless.

Real talk: I was under the personal fable that even though I had no idea what I was doing with my life, somehow the love that I had for the life growing within me would be enough. Though I knew that, scientifically, what was growing inside of me was little more than a bundle of cells, Ryenne was already a person to me in mind and spirit, a life which needed to be intertwined with mine. All my confusion was veiled with the endearing, rose-coloured tint that my pregnancy and the hopeful anticipation of this amazing human had cast upon my life. Realistically, I knew very little about myself or who I wanted to be, but I ardently felt (and still feel) that I could wield a metaphorical scythe which would clear away the brambles of our difficult world for this little being; forging a path which could make Ryenne a better person than I could ever have dreamed to be.  In this new age of parenting, we are finding this often: parents whose aim is to create a generation free of the binds that have previously tied us. These binds which cause discrimination against us for race, gender, sexuality, religion or lack thereof, unconventional physical and mental abilities: all the demarcations which make misguided minds very uncomfortable, but over which we have no control. We are parents whose goal is to raise a generation of trauma-free individuals with the capability to surpass the pitfalls of the society in which we were raised. We are Feminist parents, Progressive Parents, Modern Families.

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Q & L Discuss || First Thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life


So, it’s been a week since Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life went live on Netflix. The internet has had a lot of opinions and emotions about it, and Boshemia babes Q and L are no different (E is still on Season 2, sweet summer child that she is. Oh the things you have to come!). We got together to discuss our fresh-off-the-box, knee-jerk response thoughts on the revival.


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One For the ’90s Kids || Anticipating Nostalgia

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

You’ve seen the Facebook pages dedicated to them. You’ve seen high street brands ridiculously jump on the bandwagon and print cringeworthy t-shirts of oh-so-relatable slogans about them. You’ve heard (and probably made) the jokes about them.

‘90s kids’: totally and utterly obsessed with nostalgia for their birth or childhood decade. Why? Why are those darn millennials always harping on about the past? I can certainly hazard some guesses.


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Do Better || A “Victim’s” Perspective on Trump’s Comments

TW: Sexual Assault. 

NB: Written before the 09/10 debate. 

On Friday morning, after an uncomfortable and shaky plane journey from Cape Town to Dubai, I sat in the Dubai airport musing of my month long adventure in South Africa. I was mentally planning all the Boshemia posts I could write about the culture, the atmosphere, my new found willingness to try new things. Honestly, I was this close to planning a post about the wine. And then, something terrible happened.

I checked my phone.

Dubai airport has about half an hour of free Wi-Fi, and for some reason, I wasted them on Twitter (follow @boshemiablog for witty updates, solid retweets, and #feministbanter). That’s where I saw Donald Trump’s most recent #scandal. “What has he done this time?” I thought with the tired weariness of someone who has been following this hellscape of an election for over a year now.

Oh good god, it’s worse than I imagined.


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Opinion || Why I Have Such An Issue With “Pro-Life” Campaigns

            I almost decided against writing this article from fear that it would be too inflammatory and alienate people. Then I checked myself and remembered that this is the point of the Boshemia blogspace – to not censor our opinions to a polite, grey area or to stroll on by and say nothing when something doesn’t sit right, but to speak out and claim our space.

            So here’s the thing. We all want to lead our best lives and make the best decisions for ourselves. Unless you’re some hate-filled monster, you generally want other people to live their best lives and make their best decisions for themselves too. Right? With this in mind it truly, utterly, 100% baffles me that the Pro-Life movement even exists at all. To me, it seems entirely self-defeating.

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