Update Our Medicine, Update Our Rights \\ One Nation, Under Illness

Little word about keeping guns out of the hands of the “mentally ill” — I’m sorry to break the bad news, but everyone is mentally ill.

You are mentally ill.

I am mentally ill.

Our president is mentally ill.


A Letter To My Fresher Self

Dear Me

Congrats! Your 24 year old self just graduated medical school and is about to start work. As a doctor. A real one in a hospital and everything. You’ll make it. Pretty soon, you’ll figure out that it’s just beginning, and that there’s a whole minefield of a world outside medical school, but that’s future us problem.

If I recall correctly, little baby 19-year-old Sarah in her lame band t shirts and lack of lipstick (that’ll change SOON) was spending the summer of 2012 panicking; what if you don’t get the grades to get into med school *again? What if you get in and immediately flunk out? You’ll read a blog called “The Secrets of Peninsula,” and freak the fuck out – what kind of medical school makes first years sit 5th year exams four times a year?


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#NotSafeNotFair || Why We Support The Junior Doctors

Today marked day one in a two-day complete strike by the Junior Doctors. For the first time in NHS history, there’s been a full walkout from Juniors as the consultants have been covering their work. After months of negotiation, these strikes are the result of an unfair and unsafe contract proposed by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (which I’m fairly certain is now cockney rhyming slang).

Hunt has been claiming that people are more likely to die on the weekend (not really), and essentially, the new contract proposes unsafe working hours, trying to create a 7 day NHS with the budget for 5 days. So, surely the only way to do this would be to get more doctors, nurses and other health care professionals?


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