Sarah Qudsia

sarah_qSarah Qudsia is a 24-year-old medical student from Nottingham, however, she is currently based in the South West completing her final years of university. When not studying or in the hospital, she spends her time appreciating coffee, writing poetry, and trying to absorb as much pop culture as possible. As an all-girls school alumna, Sarah spent much of her formative years surrounded by feminist advocates, however, her primary influence was an over-enthusiastic Literature teacher. Since then, Sarah has become known for her angry feminist rants, and looks forward to documenting them. Sarah has always been in awe of the power of speech, and hopes that more and more young women continue to find their voices and speak out.

Interests: healthcare, theatre, fashion and beauty, television, issues of race & intersectionality within the feminist community, pop culture as a reflection of society