Following the success of Issue 01 of Boshemia Magazine, we are now taking preorders for Issue 02 via our Indiegogo campaign.

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At this stage, funding is our greatest challenge. We have no shortage of talented artists and writers and collaborators who are working with us; we simply want to pay them. As a feminist organisation this is particularly important to us, as we recognise that mere exposure is not sufficient payment. Not being able to offer remuneration in exchange for labour excludes many people who do not have the economic freedom to take time out to write or create; thus, many voices who need to be heard the most are, once more, left unheard. We’re not okay with that. Those are the very voices we need to amplify the most, and that is the point of Boshemia.

Your contribution will go towards paying our contributors and printing Issue 02 of the magazine. Please help us to make Issue 02 happen in a way that is fair.

If you are unable to make a contribution, simply sharing the campaign is a big help too.

Thank you in advance.