Meet Boshemia


Eileen Elizabeth

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Eileen Elizabeth is an American writer and actor living in Washington, D.C. She holds a degree in English literature, with a focus on transatlantic and expat writing. Her passion for connecting women and creating platforms for their work sparked Boshemia. She is the editor-in-chief of the print and online publication, where among other sundry things she writes about gender, film, television, theatre, and Appalachia. She is driven by the intersection of art and activism. She has a soft-spot for coming-of-age graphic novels and retellings of myths.

Sarah Qudsia

QSarah Q is junior doctor hailing from Nottingham, while her creative soul rests in the South West of England. Her cynically optimistic writing style and love of all things pop culture lends itself to cultural commentary and satire. Sarah has a strong interest in current events and how society is shaping itself through grassroots movements and freedom of expression. She’s a strong advocate for racial equality within the feminist community, and hopes to inspire marginalised voices to speak out against adversity.

Sarah Lawrence

LSarah Lawrence is a writer, an academic, and an all-round creative soul living in Plymouth, England. Within Boshemia her work frequently invokes themes of identity, reflection, historical feminism and romantic musings, whilst her advocacy passion lies with empowering and amplifying voices of resistance and voices of the under-represented. Sarah will be returning to the academic world this autumn to study for a Masters degree at Mansfield College, University of Oxford, examining gender constructs and race in eighteenth-century literature.