Guest Submissions

Boshemia is not just one voice, it is many. If you have an article that you would like to write for us, a story that you feel needs to be addressed, an experience to share that will add to and enrich the dialogue of intersectional feminist activism, then you have come to the right place. We would love to hear from you!

The most common thing people ask about submissions is “what are you looking for?” The answer to that is simple–we’re looking for your voice. We don’t have a specific callout as we publish a diverse range of work, from creative pieces to personal essays to satire to pop culture reviews to to socio-political commentary to quasi-academic analysis to visual art pieces—in short, we’re open to everything. Choose whichever medium of expression carries your voice the best.

Please use the form below to contact us with your name, contact e-mail and your article pitch. This should be less than 300 words long and should briefly summarise the intended content of your article. We will then get in touch with you to discuss your submission further.

Please make sure you take the time to read the Submission Guidelines thoroughly before submitting. By completing the contact form below you are agreeing to the terms set out below.

We look forward to hearing your voices!



1. Articles should be roughly 500-800 words long. Exceptions for significantly longer or shorter pieces can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

2. We intend for Boshemia to be an inclusive, intersectional community and above all a safe space. Please do not submit proposals for any article which a) promotes hate, b) directly or indirectly promotes erasure of voices from people who belong to the most discriminated-against groups and communities (eg. POC, LGBTQI+), c) explicitly or implicitly expresses prejudice against any group or community (eg. Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia), d) promotes or amplifies rape culture, slut shaming or body shaming. This list could go on. It can also be summarised in the simple phrase “don’t be an asshole”.

Any proposals submitted which fall into any of the above categories will be immediately rejected and the writer may be prohibited from writing for Boshemia in the future, depending on the severity of the misconduct. 

3. Once a proposal has been approved, we will give you a time frame for completion. After this deadline your article will be proof-read and, if necessary, returned to you for edits. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, typos and clarity. We will endeavour not to significantly alter the content of the article so as not to mask the author’s voice.

4. Please do your homework. Be aware of the content that Boshemia has recently published and do not submit proposals for articles which are very similar in nature to recent articles. These will generally be rejected.

5. If responding to topical news or events, please be aware of the place that your voice has in that dialogue. For example, if you are a white, straight, cis-gendered male, chances are you have no place to be to commenting on events which concern black queer women. Do not speak over the voices of those more marginalised than yourself. Got it? Good.

6. We cannot guarantee a specific date or time frame for publication, as our schedule is always fluctuating and changing to allow for current events to be discussed. If you have written an article for us and we have accepted the finished piece, do not panic: we will publish it in due time.

MAJOR DISCLAIMER: We retain the right to decide not to publish any finished article. In this case you will be informed of this decision at the earliest possible opportunity. 

7. We respect confidentiality. We understand that you may not wish to have your name publicly attached to an article, especially if it contains personal anecdotes. In this instance, please still provide your name on the contact form for security reasons, but we will guarantee to not associate your name anywhere with the finished article.

8. That being said, we also respect your authorship. Your work remains your own and will credited to you unless you have specified otherwise. You are welcome to publish your article on other platforms after it has been published on Boshemia, but we would ask that you cite Boshemia as the original publisher along with a link to the original article on our site. 

These guidelines may sound daunting, but they’re to protect you and your work, us, and the Boshemia community. We intend for Boshemia to remain a respectful and positive space. Go forth and submit!